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Buying a Home: What does your Buyers Agent do for you? Part 1

by Elite Asset Management Team

Buying a Home: What does your Buyers Agent do for you? Part 1 

By: Pete Veres, CRS, ABR - Accredited Buyers Representative

Helps arrange financing.

1. Assist in locating sources of mortgage loans and options

2. He helps you review how much you can afford but how much you may want to spend.

3. He will provides assistance in comparing different financing options.

4. Helps provide information on purchasing incentives that may be available.


Assist in finding the right property.

5. Identify your needs and wants in a property.

6. Find appropriate available properties.

7. Set up an automated e-mail alert system that immediately notifies you of properties that fit

your requirements.

8. Sort through inaccurate information about homes in the area.

9. Provide ready access to all MLS-listed properties.

10. Network with other agents for properties not yet in the MLS

11. When required he can preview properties prior to showing.

12. Help select the proper homes for viewing that meet your needs

13. Aid in narrowing your search until you have identified your top choices.

14. Schedule all appointments to view homes

15. Assist in analyzing the pros and cons of each property.

17. Help you in evaluating properties for suitability, affordability, and resale value.

Real Estate is still one of the Best Investments

by Elite Asset Management Team

Pete Veres and Sean Hellmann want to share this quick video. Warren Buffet continues to state that SF homes are the Best Investments. Pete Veres, CIAS - Certified Investment Agent Specialist also wants to add that right now multi family units are providing a great ROI & cash flow as prices are extremely low right now and rental demand is high.


Home Prices Rise - National Housing Report

by Elite Asset Management Team

Pete Veres and Sean Hellmann want to share a bit of good news. We have started to see some positive signs locally here in Albuquerque. RE/MAX CEO Margaret Kelly appeared on CNBC's Street Signs on March 14, 2012 to discuss the RE/MAX National Housing Report, which found that for the first time in 18 months, home prices rose year-over-year in February

Top 5 Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling a Home

by Elite Asset Management Team

Pete Veres and Sean Hellmann would like to share with you on how to avoid the 5 Top Mistakes Home Sellers make when selling a home. Choosing to work with a qualified RE/MAX agent can help you avoid costly mistakes such as incorrectly pricing your home, not preparing your home for sale, and ineffective marketing. Choose Wisely. Choose the Elite Asset Management Team with RE/MAX Elite



RE/MAX 2012 Top 10 Real Estate Market Predicitions

by Elite Asset Management Team

Pete Veres and Sean Hellmann would like to share the video with you. RE/MAX Chairman and Co-Founder Dave Liniger reveals his Top 10 Predictionds for the 2012 US Real Estate Market. Some great stats!

Housing Prices - What to Expect in 2012

by Elite Asset Management Team

Often the Elite Asset Management Team is asked how the Albuquerque Real Estate Market is doing?  As an expert the Elite Team researches the market and reads articles to keep us informed on the latest market trends.  I found this interesting article in DS News that discusses the current market and the road to recovery.  Read the article here:

Many of the statements within this article I find true in the local Albuquerque Real Estate Market.  The inventory of homes in the Month of December was at its lowest point that our team has seen in years.  There are many factors for this, but all signs point to a healthier inventory of  homes based on demand.  It is true that distressed sales are on the rise in the local area, but many of those properties will require some investment to improve those properties in order to move into or to attain them as investment properties.  Non-distressed properties are still selling and the decline of price is not as significant as many people may think.  Non-distressed properties are great options for many buyers because they simply do not want to invest the money or time into fixing up a property.

Our team hope you enjoy this article and hope it brings you some insight to how our market will evolve during 2012.

If you have any Real Estate needs feel free to contact Sean or Pete with the Elite Asset Management Team.

Happy New Year!

Sean and Pete

Why Buy vs. Rent?

by Elite Asset Management Team


Why should you Buy a home vs. rent in the current state of the economy? If you are following the news on the economy it would be enough to scare you into hiding.  Many clients that I work with are always asking why buy instead of rent when the economy and real estate market are experiencing the worst markets in history?  I have some answers that might make you consider that this is the time to Buy in the Albuquerque Real Estate market instead of Rent.

Recently, I was reading some interesting articles that may encourage you that Buying a home and paying a mortgage is one of the best investments still out there.  In a recent Wall Street Journal article:  one of the growing trends around the country and now in the Albuquerque Real Estate market is that a mortgage on a home is becoming more and more affordable compared to renting.  For example, a $250,000 mortgage in the Albuquerque area could cost you $1700 per month and that is assuming you only put down 3.5% and do an FHA loan. Other loan programs could lower that monthly payment.  To rent a comparable home in Albuquerque you would look at spending anywhere between $1600 to $2000 per month.  There are many positives to buying a home and the short list is; tax incentives, building equity and home ownership. Check out this article in Forbes Magazine that discusses some good examples how owning a home and paying a mortgage can improve your retirement:

My personal belief is that many buyers are savvy enough to realize that this is one of the best times to buy a home.  The Albuquerque Real Estate market is one of the most affordable markets in the country and with interest rates combined this is a great time to buy.  If you are still wanting to weigh your options feel free to give the Elite Asset Management Team a call.  Our Team would like the opportunity to share some of the best bargains in the marketplace. 

Warm Blessings,

Sean and Pete


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