A lot of people are still renting even though owning a home has great financial benefits. Why is owning a home better than renting? That is a very easy question.

According to Zillow:

“In reality, buying or renting a home is an intensely personal decision, with emotional and even financial considerations that go beyond whether to invest in this one (admittedly large) asset. Looking strictly at housing market numbers, there is a concrete point at which buying a home makes more financial sense than renting it.”

Why is it financial better to own a home? Here’s why.

1. Top 5 benefits

  • Owning a home is like having forced savings.
  • It is cheaper to buy than to rent.
  • It’s the only investment where you can live inside it.
  • Locked in monthly housing cost
  • Tax savings

2. Net worth is 44x greater than that of a renter if you own your own home.

3.If you bought a home in early 2017, in just 5 years you could build more than $48,000 in wealth.

4. Your rent isn’t just rent. Included in the rent are probably the taxes, the money needed for repairs and profit for the landlord.

However you look at it, owning your own home is better financially than renting.

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