Do your clients want to sell their houses as fast as they can for as much as they can? Realtors

and home staging experts agree: staging their home should be at the top of your client's

checklist. A big part of this process entails removing excess items and furniture. The inevitable

question becomes, “Where do my clients put their stuff?”

It’s tempting to stuff everything you own into a closet or a spare bedroom, but even a single

unorganized space could turn off buyers. For many years, the common solution to this problem

was renting a storage unit. This was not convenient, and definitely time-consuming. Home

sellers had to rent a truck, load it, unload it, and then subsequently do it all over again

when they moved to a new place.

Fortunately, there’s a better option. With a PODS portable storage & moving solution, a driver

will drop off a storage container at your client's house, and they can load it at their leisure,

without the added pressure of having to get a truck back by the end of the day.

Driving is included

Once they have loaded the container, it will get picked up and driven to a storage facility by

PODS. When they are ready for their container again, it will be dropped off at their

convenience. This means they only have to load and unload once without worrying about

renting a truck or borrowing one.

Built-in flexibility

While they're staging their home, they might want to try different furniture arrangements or add

or remove items. A portable container is convenient because of the flexibility. They can either

easily access their container in a nearby storage center, or their container can be dropped off

at their property if they need to add or retrieve items.

Most realtors recommend keeping the container at a storage facility, so your client's property

will look tidier and more spacious. This also allows potential buyers to envision themselves

more easily in their home.

Storage plus moving

If your client is moving out-of-state or long-distance, PODS can move their container to their

residence. PODS services 46 states and can even move containers to and from Hawaii and

across the Canadian border. This means your clients can store and move with one solution,

which can be very convenient to sellers.

Selling a home and moving is a stressful proposition in any circumstance. Portable storage is a

good solution to help your clients ease the burden. It also allows them to take care of two

hassles at once, storing their items and then moving them to their next home when they’re


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