If you’re selling your home then home staging may be one of the avenues you can take to help you sell your home quicker.

Julia Rolland of Tabula Rasa Home Staging, who has been working in the Albuquerque market for many years, says that “ buying a home is an emotional experience and the way your property is staged will determine whether it’s love at first sight”.  It is important to note that buyers will name your property as a way to sort all the houses they have visited. Staging will improve the chance the name will be “The One”.

Homebuyers are all different. They have their own preferences and tastes so making the home more neutral or matching what’s inside the home to the style of the home may help homebuyers see the home in a better light. Here’s what you need to know about home staging.


The Home Stager

Home stagers offer a range of services starting with a basic consultation to a fully staged home. Stagers check the home with the eye of a buyer and thinks of ways to improve the look of a space.

After the walkthrough of the homes, she gives the homeowners her detailed notes and sometimes this would be enough for the homeowners to get their homes organized. If the homeowners need more help in staging, she can help decorate the home for a price. She can also provide furniture and other accessories, like other home stagers, which can improve the overall look of the home.

Remember, homebuyers imagine themselves living in your home. They imagine their own stuff in your home and think of how they’ll be living in it. Having too much clutter may turn them off.


Do You Need A Home Stager?

It all depends on you and the market. Home stagers can help, with some of them claiming that people they help sell their homes faster and for more money. You can do the necessary adjustments yourself. If you have an eye for it, then go for it. If you have no time then it may be a good option.

The market also plays a role in it. In a bad market, your home can stand out. In a good market, your home will be compared to other homes around you.

Homebuyers can make a decision in the first 30 seconds of entering your home so presentation is key. Homebuyers these days search for homes online and make their decision based on the photos of your home. Having great photos of your home can greatly increase the chance of getting homebuyers interested.

You can search online for free advice, for photos of home designs and other sources of information about home staging. They will help you if you decide to stage your home yourself. If you’ve been having a hard time selling because of the way your home looks, then you may want to consider hiring a home stager.