According to the Survey of Consumer Expectations (SCE) by New York Federal Reserve, which has a wide range of topics including inflation, labor market, household finance, credit access and housing, a lot of people under 50 want to own their own home.

The question was, assuming you had the financial resources to do so, would you like to OWN instead of RENT your primary residence?

More than three quarters of people aged 50 below answered they would want to own a home rather than rent. Half of the people over 50 preferred the same.

Here’s a chart with the complete details.

They were also asked about the chances of them owning their own home and 66.4% of those under 50 said they were going to have their own home eventually. Some of the  people over 50 ,23% of them, didn’t want to own their own home.


It seems that according to the survey, most of the young people are still interested in buying.

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