Often the Elite Asset Management Team is asked how the Albuquerque Real Estate Market is doing?  As an expert the Elite Team researches the market and reads articles to keep us informed on the latest market trends.  I found this interesting article in DS News that discusses the current market and the road to recovery.  Read the article here: http://www.dsnews.com/articles/housing-market-strengthening-but-long-road-to-recovery-lies-ahead-2011-12-23

Many of the statements within this article I find true in the local Albuquerque Real Estate Market.  The inventory of homes in the Month of December was at its lowest point that our team has seen in years.  There are many factors for this, but all signs point to a healthier inventory of  homes based on demand.  It is true that distressed sales are on the rise in the local area, but many of those properties will require some investment to improve those properties in order to move into or to attain them as investment properties.  Non-distressed properties are still selling and the decline of price is not as significant as many people may think.  Non-distressed properties are great options for many buyers because they simply do not want to invest the money or time into fixing up a property.

Our team hope you enjoy this article and hope it brings you some insight to how our market will evolve during 2012.

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Happy New Year!

Sean and Pete