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Albuquerque #1 of Best Place's to Retire, Thank you CNN Money

by Elite Asset Management Team

25 Best Places to Retire

Whether you dream of retiring to a big city, small town, resort area or college town, these great places offer reasonably priced homes, low crime and tax rates, quality health care, and more.

Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque, NM
Albuquerque's biggest draws: Diversity, beautiful scenery, and pleasant weather.
Best if you're looking for: Big city
Median home price: $174,000
Top state income tax: 4.9%

There is much to be said for a place where you can ski in the morning and golf in the afternoon; drink Italian-style espresso at breakfast and eat homemade sopapillas for lunch; see ancient petroglyphs one day and gallery hop the next.

With the Rio Grande river near downtown and the Sandia Mountains to the east, Albuquerque is as diverse in its landscape as it is in culture. Downtown revitalization projects have added considerably to the appeal.

One caveat: Crime is on the high side, though locals say it's easy to avoid the problem areas.

The Reality of Short Sales

by Elite Asset Management Team

4 Signs that a Short Sale is right for your buyer

Today, everyone wants a deal.  In fact, many real estate buyers expect them in today’s market.  In order to get the best “deal” consumers are looking at the distressed and short sale market for their best opportunity.

Unfortunately, short sales are not the best buys for every house hunter.  Pete Veres, CDPE, Certified Distressed Property Expert says "Our responsibility as agents is to spot the signals and understand the key aspects of a short sale to determine if our clients should pursue purchasing this type of property or focus on a non-distressed deal". We also need to qualify the listing agent to make sure they are experienced and certified in short sales.

Here a few signs to help you find out if a short sale can work for your buyer-clients:

1. Your buyers aren’t working against a clock

Sean Hellmann, CDPE agent says "The phrase “short sales “is an oxymoron".  Short sales are short because the bank is taking a, sometimes significant, loss and allowing the borrower to transfer the property without the credit and legal implications of a foreclosure.

If your client needs a house tomorrow, short sale properties should be as far away from their radar as possible.  Consumers who can afford a 3-6 month waiting period from the time they write their offer to get a bank approval or denial are much better suited for a short sale.

Timeframes vary from state to state, lending institution, and type of loan; but there will be a wait in almost all cases.  If your client has time on their hands and an interim place to live, a short sale may be a great option. Those buyers have a leg up on other consumers who will forgo looking at short sales because of the time frame for approval.  Less competition equals a lower sales price. It’s a supply and demand principle.  If they have the time, they may save some money but that’s if the home will actually make it to closing. Many things can come up to prevent the sale from actually taking place. A perfect example is the home being foreclosed prior to the close date.

2. Your buyers like change and surprises.

Short sales purchasers cannot be averse to change.  This type of transaction is all about change and surprises.  Rigid, type-A personality clients are usually not the best candidates for purchasing a short sale.

There is no rhyme or reason for short sale approval/ denial sometimes.  The banks make decisions that they feel are in their best interest, sometimes ask for the same form multiple times, and in some cases will send you contradictory forms.

In addition, there are a variety of things that can go wrong and cause you to have to restart the short sale process in the middle of negotiations. These include the bank selling the lien to another loan servicer after the short sale is initiated, policy and regulation changes, and many other changes you can’t predict until you’re working on the transaction. We have also seen the loan servicing company transfer the loan and most recently lately loan companies being bought out. Great example is the Nationstar buyout of Aurora Loans. This means you have to start the process all over from the start.

A short sale purchaser has to be change tolerant to change (I like this better) and willing to work with the system when change arises.  Flexibility is a virtue when involved in this type of transaction.

3. Your buyers are willing and have the funds to renovate.

Short sales may seem cheaper to purchase than most traditional sales and foreclosures, but there is one very important caveat for the purchaser to consider; repairs will be on them.  That’s right; most short sales are sold “as-is.” Also note that the banks will not pay for inspections, appraisal fee’s and also limit some of the closing costs. This results in more out of pocket costs for the buyer.

Many short sales carry the condition that the seller can’t invest any more money into the property.  That means, buyers who have loans that require repairs be made before the loan can be issued shouldn’t shop for a short sale.  FHA and VA loan products are good examples of loans that may require repairs before lending. This could mean extra out of pocket costs.

In these cases, if the purchaser or seller bank is unwilling or unable to make the repairs, the deal could be dead.

For buyers with loans that don’t have the repair requirement, it comes down to willpower (?).  If your buyer client is squeamish about cosmetic issues or a little construction dust, he or she probably isn’t a good candidate for a short sale.

4. Your buyers are willing to wait for a return

A good deal today could mean great profit tomorrow, but “tomorrow” is a figurative term in the world of short sales.  Gone are the days of accruing 32 percent price appreciation in 6 months.  Purchasing real estate is a long-term investment of at least 5 years.  The more focused on the long-term bottom-line a short sale purchaser is, the more likely they will enjoy the outcome of the transaction and future profits.

Short sale purchasers need to be able to examine the dollars and cents of the property and determine if they are truly getting a bargain.  They may be paying more for the short sale, in the long run, than had they purchased a traditional property

Making sure your buyer clients are good candidates for a short sale property is very important.  If they are willing to wait for bank approval, are not averse to change, willing to make repairs to the property, and can keep the long term bottom-line as a top priority, you are more likely going to have a successful transaction.

RE/MAX CEO Margaret Kelly talks about new home sales in June 2012 on Bloomberg TV

by Elite Asset Management Team

Pete Veres and Sean Hellmann want to share some more good news. RE/MAX CEO Margaret Kelly talks about new home sales in June 2012 on Bloomberg TV. Our inventory in the Albuquerque area has been dropping and prices are starting to stabilize in certain areas. Margaret has some great information to share. Thanks for watching!


5 Steps to picking the right agent to Sell your Home

by Elite Asset Management Team

 Are you thinking of selling your home? Here is a great article that I found on Kiplinger's that discusses how to find the right Real Estate Agent to sell your home. In a quick summary there are 5 steps to selecting the right agent;  

1. Round up good prospects. 

2. Ask Tough Questions. 

3. Find out who the agent is working for.  

4. Make sure your agent has a back up.  

5. Sign the right contract.  

For more details please read the following article on each 5 steps. 

The Spring time is here and if you know anyone that is thinking of selling please contact Sean Hellmann or Pete Veres of the Elite Asset Managment Team with Re/Max Elite. Many of you have had the pleasure to work with us and any referral would be greatly appreciated. You can be assured that your referral will be treated to the same level of service we provided to you. Have a great Spring.

Real Estate is still one of the Best Investments

by Elite Asset Management Team

Pete Veres and Sean Hellmann want to share this quick video. Warren Buffet continues to state that SF homes are the Best Investments. Pete Veres, CIAS - Certified Investment Agent Specialist also wants to add that right now multi family units are providing a great ROI & cash flow as prices are extremely low right now and rental demand is high.


Why Rent when you can Buy

by Elite Asset Management Team

Buying is more affordable than renting in 98 out of the nation’s 100 largest metropolitan areas – even in New York, Los Angeles and Boston, according to real estate company Trulia’s rent vs. buy index. To read more from this report from Housingwire please visit this link:

Pete and I are also seeing this trend in the Albuquerque Real Estate Market. We are working with a number of clients that are purchasing properties where their mortgage payments are less than their current rent. One of the major factors that are allowing lower mortgage payments is that interest rates are at all time lows. If you would like to know more about how you can save money and STOP renting please contact Pete Veres or Sean Hellmann.

The Elite Asset Management Team has some great relationships with lenders with great First Time Buyer loan programs and other affordable loan programs.

Enjoy the article and have a great week!

Pete & Sean

Home Prices Rise - National Housing Report

by Elite Asset Management Team

Pete Veres and Sean Hellmann want to share a bit of good news. We have started to see some positive signs locally here in Albuquerque. RE/MAX CEO Margaret Kelly appeared on CNBC's Street Signs on March 14, 2012 to discuss the RE/MAX National Housing Report, which found that for the first time in 18 months, home prices rose year-over-year in February

What are Americans Buying?

by Elite Asset Management Team

So what are Amercians Buying? Here is a quick summary of what Americans are buying. Pete Veres and Sean Hellmann want to share these latest stats.

Mortgage rates tumble to record low

by Elite Asset Management Team

Wonder if it is still a good time to buy in the Albuquerque Real Estate Market?  The great news for Buyers this year is current interest rates continue to tumble week by week.  This is also good news for Sellers as more buyers are jumping on these historic low interest rates.  For more information on the continued trend of low mortgage rates please ready this article found on MSNBC:

If you are thinking about buying or know someone that is considering taking advantage of the low interest rates please contact Sean Hellmann or Pete Veres with Re/Max Elite and the Elite Asset Management Team.

We have excellent resourses for great loan programs to include First Time Buyer loan programs, investor loans, conventional loans and VA Loans.  We are ready to help you at anytime in this great Albuquerque Real Estate Market.

Top 5 Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling a Home

by Elite Asset Management Team

Pete Veres and Sean Hellmann would like to share with you on how to avoid the 5 Top Mistakes Home Sellers make when selling a home. Choosing to work with a qualified RE/MAX agent can help you avoid costly mistakes such as incorrectly pricing your home, not preparing your home for sale, and ineffective marketing. Choose Wisely. Choose the Elite Asset Management Team with RE/MAX Elite



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